Fastest Time For An Individual To Solve Ten Mathematical Problems By Dividing A 10-Digit Number By A 5-Digit Number

India Dr. Amit Garg

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Annapolis, Maryland, United States / March 15, 2012

Amit Garg solved 10 mathematical problems by dividing a 10-digit number by a five-digit number in five minutes, 44.58 seconds.

- must divide number containing 10 random digits by a number containing five random digits
- may not see the questionaire prior to the attempt
- must not use any device to solve problems
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Prince Gabriel

    Prince Gabriel

    like 100

  • United States Prince Gabriel

    Prince Gabriel

    i can go faster

  • India Dr. Amit Garg

    Dr. Amit Garg

    This record is a record of mental calculation ability. One beats the record if they can complete one attempt with all 10 correct tasks of dividing in less than 5 minute 45 seconds (or 345 seconds)


    1. Intermediate results should not be written and devices like calculator can not be used.

    2. They can download this program to generate set of 10 tasks of dividing 10 digit number by 5 digit number as set by "Memory and Mental Calculation Records" website.

    Each attempt consist of 10 tasks.

    1. Number of Attempts: No more than 10 attempts within a period of 24 hours. When program is run, it generate 10 tasks for each of the 10 attempts and also the solution file seperately. One of the witness can print the problem set and give to record breaker one set when attempt begins. Witnesses verify the solution after each attempt.

    2. Timekeeping: The timing begins when the task becomes visible to the competitor and ends at the end of writing/dictating the answer. Correcting the answer while typing is allowed

    3. Two witnesses must confirm the record, at least one of them should have a professional background in mathematics/calculating.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Amit, really interesting record. Can you explain a little further how it worked? What would people have to do if they want to try and beat your time?

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