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    Most Successful Basketball Shots Made By Two People Alternately

    Mark and George made a total of 125 consecutive successful basketball shots. They made each shot alternately.

    Jul 05 goat 4 comments United States
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    Farthest Distance To Chip A Basketball Through A Door Frame Using Golf Club

    Ewan A. chipped a basketball 300 inches through an open doorway using a golf club.

    Jun 16 EwanAlbright 6 comments United States
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    Fastest Time To Paint A Rainbow (Junior)

    Don K. painted a rainbow in 40.01 seconds.

    Jun 01 DonKrug 9 comments United States
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    Most Mini Basketball Hoop Dunks In One Minute

    Jack S. made 23 dunks on a mini basketball hoop in one minute.

    May 10 Jbondaro 3 comments Canada
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    Longest Time Holding A Basketball In Each Hand (Junior)

    Finlay M. held a basketball in each hand for 10 minutes, 18.22 seconds.

    Apr 20 Finlay Scotland
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    Most Goofy-Faced Selfies Taken While Dancing in 10 Seconds

    Candace and Grace took 90 goofy-faced selfies in 10 seconds while dancing.

    Jul 26 CandaceandGrace United States
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    Longest Time Holding The Crow Pose

    Krishan K. held a yoga crow pose for four minutes, 21.00 seconds.

    Jul 15 krishankumar1 9 comments India
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    Tallest Object Balanced On Thumb

    Mark Evans balanced a 1112.52-centimeter (36.5 feet) pole on his thumb.

    Jul 13 markowen 7 comments Wales
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    Fastest Checkerboard Pattern On A Rubik's Cube

    Ryan R. created a checkerboard pattern on a Rubik's cube in 2.51 seconds.

    May 23 RyanRene 3 comments United States
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    Fastest Table Tennis Rally (30 Seconds)

    Payam's two sons rallied a table tennis ball back and forth 73 times in 30 seconds. They set the record while practicing for the... (more)

    Dec 14 PayamZarehbin 16 comments United States
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    Most Handstand Push-Ups In One Minute

    Manvel M. completed 28 handstand push-ups in one minute. He dedicated the record to the memory of the Yezidi and Armenian victims... (more)

    Dec 03 ManvelMamoyan 10 comments Armenia
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    Most Decks Of Playing Cards Held In Hand At Once

    Kaleb M. held 55 decks of playing cards in his hand at once.

    Nov 30 Kalebmorgan 13 comments United States
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    Longest Handstand (Male)

    Gordon L. performed a handstand for 12 minutes, 8.10 seconds.

    Nov 20 Gordon 6 comments Canada
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    Most Double Rotation Jump Rope Jumps In One Minute

    Peter Durdik performed double rotation jumps using a jump rope 106 times in one minute.

    Nov 19 PeterDurdik 14 comments Slovakia
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    Most Catches Juggling Five Knives

    Thom Wall completed 103 catches juggling five knives. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt... (more)

    Nov 17 ThomWall1 5 comments United States
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    Most Wrist Push-Ups In 30 Seconds

    David M. performed 26 wrist push-ups in 30 seconds.

    Nov 12 DavidMaze 4 comments Lithuania
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    Fastest Time To Eat 15 Chocolate Mini Doughnuts

    Travis M. consumed 15 chocolate mini doughnuts in 57.40 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    Oct 26 TravisMizejewski 6 comments United States
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    Largest Bloody Mary Garnished With A Late Night TV Host

    MTV's Middle Of The Night Show host Brian Murphy put on a celery costume and garnished a Bloody Mary 53,721.6 fluid ounces in... (more)

    Oct 02 BrianMurphy 8 comments United States
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    Most Money Raised For Charity By Destroying A City Made Of Cards

    William Zambole led a group in raising $5,800 for charity by destroying a city made of cards. After the city was built, Zambole... (more)

    Aug 21 WilliamZambole 16 comments United States