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05:03 United States

Largest Group Dressed As Astronauts

NASA Exchange JSC

NASA Exchange-JSC led 76 people in dressing as astronauts. They set the record during Aliens vs. Astronauts 1k and 5k Fun Run Event at the Gilruth Center at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.


Largest Group Dressed As Skeletons

Jokers' Masquerade

Jokers’ Masquerade supplied 2,018 Swansea University students with scary skeleton costumes, breaking the previous world record. The feat was achieved on October 8, 2011 at the Swansea University Students Union[]. Read more about the event here.

00:10 United States

Largest Gathering Of Individuals Learning About Cancer Rights

Cancer Legal Resource Center

A group of 120 people composed of patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, navigators, healthcare professionals and attorneys gathered together to learn about cancer rights. The rights discussed include Employment amp; Taking Time Off Work, Health, Disability and Life Insurance Options, Access to Health Care, Insurance Navigation and Appeals, Understanding Health Care Reform, Cancer Community Resources, Genetics amp; the Law, Legislative Advocacy, Education Rights of Children and Young Adults with Cancer, and Financial Planning.

05:13 United States

Largest Havdalah Gathering

Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon and other attendees of the BBYO International Convention 2012 gathered for a Havdalah service. The group consisted of of 876 teens, 105 adult members of staff and guests Some attendees included a Holocaust survivor, musicians, BBYO teen members from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States. BBYO alumni and staff from all across the world and at all levels of the organization were also present at the event.

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